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Let us take care of you in discovering your wonderful existence and of things you exist with that may touch you in many ways.

We want you to make the most of every moment treating yourself living a full life, creating wonderful memories and experiences that may strengthen the bond of each relationships and celebrating life.

We are here to take care of you. It is our passion to serve you while in Bohol, Philippines!

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Reasons Why You Need To Be Back In Bohol

Posted by Incon Bohol Tour Package on October 9, 2015 at 11:05 AM

If you thought you have fully seen and discovered Bohol, you might be wrong. Bohol has a lot of hidden gems still awaiting for you to discover. Some few may have already discovered these places. Now, let us make you one them!

The Can-umantad Falls in Candijay Bohol

(photo credit to the original uploader Kennery)

The Can-umantad Falls is located in the eastern part of Bohol. A more popular destination specially to foreign tourists in the eatern side of the Island of Bohol is the town of Anda, where they are offering white sand beaches, amazing dive spots and a Mystical Tour at Lamanoc Island.

Now, to add more reason and to tempt you more in visiting and discovering the eastern area of Bohol, let us show you how to spend and get the best out of it. 

The Ermita Ruins

The Ermita Ruins is an 18th century structure that remains a mystery on for what purpose those honeycombed-arranged tomblike which made up the ermita's wall and the only one found in The Philippines.

Dimiao Twin Falls

You may also take a refreshing plunge at Dimiao's Twin Falls after a 30 minute hike to reach the hidden wonder.

Beautiful Rice Terraces

Thus it requires a bit of sacrifice to get to those hidden waterfalls, either The Twin Falls or Can-umantad Falls, a beautiful scenery of nature and field of rice terraces will be yours to enjoy letting you not to mind the breathtaking hike.

Anda White Beach

Bohol may known of having white sand beaches in Panglao Island, but a finer, powdery white sand beach can also be enjoyed at the town of Anda.

Anda Lamanoc Mystical Island Tour

Be mystified with the local culture and beliefs which you'll learn with Mang Forting your guide during The Mustical Island Tour. Visit and discover some ancient burial caves, boat coffins, ancient wall painting, or if you are lucky enough you may witness an actual shamanism ritual at the spooky mystical shamans cave.

The Himontagon Hills

Or simply sit, relaxe and enjoy the view at Himontagon Hills. And oh if you missed your younger years, you may also bring a kite and fly it over the Himontagon Hills and or if you are in to some hobby, this place is perfect for you to fly your drone and take some awesome aerial photage.

Incon Bohol Tours & Package Services | We Are What We Do - Not What We Say We will Do.

Posted by Incon Bohol Tour Package on June 16, 2015 at 7:30 AM

Your Bohol dream escapade won't come into reality if you just keep on dreaming of it. Snap out of it! An escapade needs not to be dreamt of! Experience it. Make it to reality. Do it with ease. We are here for you.

Making your Bohol dream escapade as easy and hassle-free as possible is what we specialize. Let us take care of all your travel needs because we understand that living in today's life is not easy and not everyone has the luxury to spend when it comes to time.

We want you to spend the most of your time not in the hassles and frustrations of planning and reservations for your dream escapade but in having fun creating wonderful memories with your travels, strengthening relationships with those experiences that may touch you in many ways.

Because your time is your life! We want you to make the best and get the most out of it! 

We Are What We Do, Not What We Say We Will Do.

A Hassle-free ServiceS is only a portion of who we really are. We assist you in creating wonderful moments in life.

We do not just capture photos of you for you to cherish the memories. We make sure that captured moments are the best of it for you to cherish wonderful memories of your experience - and it comes free with our services!

We can be your friend or family and since we want you to have a hassle-free experience, yes yes yes we are your kids YAYO! (caretaker)


We are not just your tour service provider. We are your friend...


Now, do we stop there? No! we make sure you experience and more importantly you get the best out of it.

Why Do We Do All This?

Because it brings us so much happiness and contentment seeing happy clients. More importantly, we can go to bed peacefully knowing we have served with our very best.

That's Who We Are!

 A Great Service Is As Much About As WHERE It Is From As WHO It Is For!

When In Bohol | Travel and Tour Guide | Bohol Tour

Posted by Incon Bohol Tour Package on June 16, 2015 at 4:35 AM

Bohol Tour Itinerary | Bohol Countryside Tour | Island Hopping

As one of Philippines Top Tourist Destination, Bohol take pride of it's Countryside Tour where in a day, visitors -  local or foreign may experience and visit  way more than other top selling tourist destinations in the Country. Getting the most out of a day tour is just half of the story why Bohol came on top. The people of Bohol is also very much known as the friendliest people living on earth thus also making them one of the most accommodating tourist service provider matched with the know-how in providing quality services completing the deal why most tourists listed Bohol as one of their favorite destinations and coming back for more is a no doubt.

As a local, let me be your tour guide and let me show you what you can do when in Bohol. Let us start from the commonly availed tours.

As the Bohol Countryside Tour may already seems jampacked with spots to visit in one day, Bohol doesn't stop there because we want you to experience more and get the best of your time. Added among the places to be visited are some exciting and funfilled activities that you may add-up on top of your itinerary. Zip line to crank-up your adrenaline rush, Or either conquer your fear of heights also with Bike Zip that offers you great scenery of the most famous Chocolate Hills. Adding more, a close encounter with the hills through ATV guided tour where you are much blessed if the rain pours while you are doing it thus giving more fun and excitement when you get wet, muddy and dirty.

How about feeding a Long Tail Macaque? Or might a forest trkking. Rajah Sikatuna Park is also a good option as an additional to your Countryside Tour itinerary

The Island Hopping Tour, you may simply add-up diving - fun dive - for newbies or a high level dive for pro at one of Asia's best dive spots The Island of Balicasag. In Balicasag, normally as part of your itinerary is snorkeling at it's diverse marine sanctuary and witness some giant tortuise. A visit to Virgin Island White Sand Bar, and Dolphin watching is also what you can do during the Island Hopping Tour.

Want more? How about a bunch of water sports and recreational activities? Jet Ski, Helmet Diving, Flying Fish Ride, Banana Boat Ride, or Para-Sailing are just some of the few options you may choose.

Swimming With The Gentle Giants | Oslob Whale Watching Tour

Posted by Incon Bohol Tour Package on June 16, 2015 at 2:20 AM


When you are in Bohol and very much eager to experience a close encounter with gentle giants, YES! it is very much possible. We make things even easier for you in satisfying your adventure needs.

If your travel plans | Flight Itinerary doesn't include Cebu, you need not to worry! Swimming with the gentle giants? YES YOU CAN! A chartered boat from Panglao to Oslob is very much doable and chartering a boat DOESN'T always mean EXPENSIVE! 

Panglao - Oslob - Sumilon - Panglao Island Hopping Tour is reasonably affrodable. It Takes 2 to 2.5 hours travel time from Panglao to Oslob by boat, and it is recommended to depart from Panglao as early as 5:00am and reach Oslob just perfect enough ttching o catch-up and spend time swimming with the Whale Sharks. Most recommended time for whale watching is from 6:00 am to 10:00 am.

After Swimming | Snorkeling | Watching with the gentle giants, a visit to Sumilon Island will be the next from your Island Hopping itinerary. at the Pavilion of Sumilon Island Blue Waters Resort awits your lunch. Kayaking, Nature Trekking, Swimming at Sumilon's white sand beach, use of resort facilities such as pool and shower rooms are just some of the few previledges and things you can do as well as snorkeling and fish feeding at Sumilon's fish sanctuary in Sumilon Island White Sand Bar.

By 3:00 in the afternoon, after a tiring but fullfiling Island tour, you need to depart Sumilon and travel back to Panglao Island to reach before dark while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the blue sea and a glance of the setting sun.

This inter island trip is best recommended during summer time in the Philippines and not during southwest moonsoon season of the country as the seas may get rough and as we highly prioritize the safety of our clients.

Does this trip sound excellent to you?

  • Your travel plans and preferences may play a major rule in deciding with this kind of tour. 
  1. Consider Travel Plans and  Flight Itinerary 
  2. Travel | Tour Interest | Experience Cebu - Aside from Whale Sharks, your other interest for Cebu.
  3. Travel Cost - Saving for the budget of each travel we make is not a JOKE... It's a hard earned money!
  4. Your crave for travel needs! 
  • To tempt you in considering the trip! Why you should and Why it's affordable considering you don't have any MEANS for Cebu City
  1. Bohol - Cebu RT Ferry Tickets at PHP 850.00 per person NO MORE
  2. Whale Watching Encounter is from 6:00 am to 10 am
    • Bohol - Cebu Ferry Schedule leaves at 8:00 and takes 2 hours to reach the Port of Cebu City arriving by 10:00 am
    • Considering recommended time for the whale encounter - You need to stay 1 night in Cebu
    • Cebu City - Oslob land trip will take 3 hours, Lucky enough if caught by Cebu's congested traffic, May take more!
  3. Two hours travel time by boat direct from Panglao - Oslob is way more fun than three hours of land trip.
  4. You are in Bohol | More Fun | More Things to Do | More To experience | More To Discover 
  5. Obviously! You dont have plans for Cebu!

Please direct your inquiries to

- CONS -
  1. If you have plans for Cebu, better avail it in  Cebu.
  2. Tumalog Falls is part of the itinerary when availing it in Cebu | Not possible and not part our itnerary 

LET US KNOW YOUR SIDE... ( open for your comments and suggestions )

Loboc River Paddling | SUP Tours

Posted by Incon Bohol Tour Package on June 16, 2015 at 2:10 AM


Because not everybody wants to be with a big crowd. Enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Loboc River can also be done with stand-up paddling tour an environment friendly river tour. Stand-up Paddle Tour is recommended from 7:30 am to 9:30 am or 3:00 to 5:00 pm avoiding the scorching heat of the sun as well as ensuring paddlers to see the real beauty of the river, enjoying the sights and sounds without the disturbance of the operation of the Floating Restaurants.


A night river paddling tour is also very interesting where paddler may see the beauty of the magical little fireflies. Stand-up paddle your night to the sparkling city of the fireflies or do it the local way by paddling the “sakajan” (paddle boat).


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