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Bohol Travel Guide

Bohol, Philippines Travel Guide

The Philippines is one of the most favored tourist destination in Asia as it offers a wide array of amazing natural wonders, powdery white sand beaches of crystal clear blue waters, diverse marine life, relaxing island destinations, picturesque landscape, fascinating jade green rivers, history, interesting mix of culture, unique traditions and amazingly friendly people.

Surely with what the Philippines is offering to its visiting tourists, it is very much indulging! but hey, you might want to consider slowing down and take some time to plan ahead before embarking to a journey towards a country made up of an archipelago. You need to carefully and effectively plan your itinerary as it may be challenging and sometimes frustrating traveling from one island to the other, and with poor planning you'll end up wasting your holiday escapade. So take time to collect vital informations in accordance to your prefered travel interest - which can now be easily obtained through online travel forums or from leading travel guide books.

In this article, let us also share our expertise and let us guide you in the island province of Bohol. - Bohol is located in the central visayas region of the country with neighboring islands - Leyte to the northeast and to the west is Cebu City.

How To Get To Bohol

There are two major cities that offers easy access to Visayas Gem - Bohol God's Little Island Paradise. The country's capital city Manila through Ninoy Aquino International Airport direct connecting flight to Bohol's capital city - Tagbilaran City Airport, and or if your flight itinerary is for Mactan International Airport, one may take a two-hour fast ferry trip to Tagbilaran Sea Port.

Tagbilaran City Airport only caters flight from Ninoy Aquino International Airport with three major airliners operating - The Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and Air Asia Zest - other flight option might be via chartered private plane.

Tagbilaran City Sea Port caters trips Cebu City by fast ferries operating namely Ocean Jet and Supercat and Weesam Express. Slow boats are also available with Lite Shipping from Cebu, Trans Asia from Cagayan De Oro while Super Ferry from Manila. Other neighboring islands accessible through Tagbilaran City Sea Port is Dumaguete and Siquijor via Ocean Jet and Supercat.

The Town of Tubigon also offers trips to Cebu City either by fast ferries and or slow boats which are available hourly u to 7:00 in the evening. Another option would be via the town of Loon's Sea Port by slow boats and ducks in Argao, Cebu - a two-hour land trip to downtown Cebu.

Tourist coming from leyte may take Ubay, Bohol Sea Port by slow boats from Bato, Leyte 

While if you are coming or going to Camiguin Island - One may take either Ocean Jet fast ferries or slow boats in Jagna, Bohol Sea Port.

Summary recommendations in getting to Bohol, Philippines

By Plane - Ninoy Aquino International Airport - 1 HOUR travel time

By Fast Ferry from Cebu, City -  to Tagbilaran City Sea Port- 2 HOUR travel time

By Fast Ferry either from Dumaguete and Siquijor - to Tagbilaran City Sea Port

By Fast Ferry from Camiguin - to Jagna, Bohol Sea Port

By RORO from Cagayan De Oro City - to Jagna, Bohol Sea Port

By RORO from Bato, Leyte - to Ubay, Bohol Sea Port

--- above mentioned recommendations are the most common entry to Bohol, Philippines which information are commonly available and can easily be obtained through online travel forums such trip advisor and other travel forums alike as well as travel guide books by Lonely Planet. -----

But did you know that there are more available, more convenient way getting to and from Bohol with lesser travel time required? YES!!!! there are definitely plenty of options!


Our Latest Inter Island Itinerary Design

We would like you to get the most and make your Philippine escapade easier. We design a convenient way of an inter island trip direct from Panglao Island to Oslob, Cebu for Whale Shark Encounter and a Day Tour to Sumilon Island and have a relaxing day filled with Island Recreational Activities at Sumilon Island Blue Water Resort.

Sumilon Island

Sumilon Bluewater Resort

Oslob Gentle Giants

Whale Shark Watching

Oslob History

Old Spanish Quartel

Bohol Hidden Waterfall Paradise and Loboc Canyoneering 


Ingkumhan Falls Station 2


Punong Water Falls


Trekking and Canyoning

An Island of Wonders


The Chocolate Hills is one of the world's famous tourist attraction.  A series of majestic grassy extraordinary landscape very unique that would never fail to amaze its visiting tourists whole year round along. When touring Bohol's  countryside, you'll not only get to see these majestic hills but also experience a relaxing cruise on a very clean jade green river of Loboc while being serenaded and a one of a kind encounter with the world's oldest and cutest living primate - The Tarsiers.

An Island of Diverse Culture


Bolibong Kingking is a dance in worship giving thanks to all the blessings showered by Our Lady of Guadalupe and as well as praying for protection against sickness and bad luck.

Bolibong Kingking is a term applied to the rhythm of the beat of the drums and gongs accompanying the supplication dance ritual in front of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Bolibong Kingking is one of Bohol’s original festival - a music and dance festival depicting the rich culture and tradition of the Lobocanons. Today the dance ritual is still famously practised every 24th of May as the town celebrates its annual fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

An Island of Amazing Creatures

The World's Smallest Primate

These cute little primates in Bohol will humble you. Though they may only grow from 3 to 6 inches tall only, they can live up to 24 years. Amazing right? But you'll be more amazed when you learn more about them

An Island of Powdery White Sand Beaches

Panglao White Sand Beaches

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