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Bohol Hidden Paradise

Searching Bohol's Hidden Paradise - Waterfalls and Hills - Canyoning, trekking, or just chilling. 

The Island province of Bohol has been known to offer a myriad of wonderful landscapes and exciting nature adventures and still a lot of it have not yet been discovered by visiting tourists. In this article, we choose the most possible hidden places that you may visit while in Bohol.

Punong Water Falls

How Did I know About the Place?


          The picture in the middle was posted on facebook with complete address. At first I was hesitant about the post as i lived just next town and never heard about it. I then contacted some of friends that lived on that town, but to my amazement they also have not heard of it, so then I contacted the person who posted it and confirmed that the picture posted was not a hoax and the given address is correct.  With my adventure buddy my son, we head-on.

What's There?

                                          Blessing in disguise dead end

Punong Waterfalls Station 1

After about ten minutes of trekking, we reached a dead end with a waterfall but is very different from the picture posted, the water was really clear and cool but not suited for swimming , as we were both hungry then, so we decided to have our early lunch. We brought with us some fresh fish from the towns market and we grilled it on location. After we had our lunch, now in doubt that the photo posted was a hoax, we backtracked our trail and just about a couple of minutes, we noticed that there was an intersection but covered with a fallen tree. 

A light of hope shined upon us, re-energized of the thought that we might find the waterfall posted, we continued trekking on that hidden left intersection we missed earlier. 

This path was not really easy to spot as there was a fallen tree covering it, but if you are really observant, it may be noticeable as there is also a flowing water from it saying that there is another source.

After five minute trek under a canopy of trees....Wow! A hidden paradise.

Punong Waterfalls Station 2

A small but lovely waterfall with very clean and cool water under the shade of a forest with a natural pool about 6 feet deep that is very suitable for swimming. The area is not that big, but not that small either, very enjoyable for a group of 5 people swimming, jumping, have some lunch or anyway you may want to spend your time while being there.

For grilling purposes, it wont be a problem even most of the area is wet as there is an elevated flatbed of surface where you may set a fire. 

A friendly reminder, please do not leave any of your plastic trash as the area is really a virgin paradise.

My son easily climbed that 7 foot boulder

What's More?

          It was also a blessing in disguise that we got lost on our search for this lovely waterfall paradise, as we discovered the station 1, a thought came that there is a very big possibility that there will be another or even more waterfalls up ahead. As my 10 year old son was capable of climbing the boulder where the water drops "he really enjoyed jumping there", we took the opportunity to discover whats ahead and indeed it paid off.

A very happy kid discovering a hidden paradise

Punong Waterfalls Station 3

About 5 minutes of trek from the station 2, we reached another waterfall. Again really this place is very clean, clear and cool water but with a bigger natural pool and taller waterfall but not the same with the previous station that is canopied by the forest. 

The area is big, the natural pool is deeper and wider so as the drop is higher about 10-12 feet making the jump more exciting but the climb is more challenging as it is taller, the surface is slippery and will require a little rock climbing technique. 

A group of ten people here is very manageable and would still enjoy.


My son, also a bit of a thrill-seeker, really tried his best to get to the top for the thrill of the jump but the climb was just too much for him to tackle alone but as persistent as he is, checked our bag and found my multi-tool a swiss army knife kind and even tempted me that there might still be another waterfall up ahead, but leaving him there is not an option. 

The climbing path is made of limestone and making some holes with a multi-tool for him to grip is doable thus making his climb possible.

And boy! This 10 year old kid did the jump, and it was just like a walk in the park for him as he was already used to it and even double the height of this waterfalls, but all of jumps he made are always under very close supervision.

Will there be a fourth station?...

View on the top of the third station and the jump gets more fun.

Punong Waterfalls Station 4

Again after another 5 minute trek and once again under the canopy of the forest, we arrived to this place we may call station 4, but it  only features a cascading water and then again offers a large and deep enough natural pool that is great for swimming. 

We continued the trek farther more upstream, the view is very paradise and has smaller pools, not ideal for swimming but  to chill, relax, and sit there while soaking in a very fresh clean and cool water is one of a kind experience. 

We were not able to took some photo of the area as my camera-phone's battery was already depleted.

How To Get There :

Punong Waterfalls

Address : Tocdog Ilaya, Loay, Bohol, Philippines 


Accessible with motor bike or even a sedan.

7 to 10 minute drive after the junction of Loay to Loboc, look for a signage that says this way to Morning Hills, about 10 meters from that section, turn right with the signage that says Tocdog. Drive all the way to Ilaya which is the farthest end of the paved road you'll reach an agricultural dam. Follow the source of the water then you may find a hiking trail, follow that trail and as soon as there will be no more hiking trail, simply follow the water and once you arrived at and intersection, choose left to go directly to station 2 as the right trail will lead to station 1 which is not suitable for swimming.


Best time to start 9 to 10 am. 

Bring food and water. 

A dry bag is a must. 

Trekking shoes or sandals.

Not good during summer as water level is really low

Best during rainy season 

Do not leave any valuable belongings to your motorbike as there is a child with kleptomaniac disorder. Though in an event of your things might be taken from that kid, just ask the locals regarding their officials and ask help for retrieval.

Please clean as you go. Pick-up trash if there are any even if not yours. Maintaining its virginity is a must.

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