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Best Value Bohol Tour Package

travel with us for the best Bohol tour experience

BOHOL Tour ITINERARY Handcrafted FOR BEST BOHOL Tour EXPERIENCE | Bohol Travel Guide


  • Blood Compact Commemorative Shrine
  • Baclayon Church and Museum
  • Tarsier Conservation Area
  • Loboc River Cruise and Lunch Buffet
  • The Man-made Forest
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Hanging Bridge
  • The Chocolate Hills

Side Trips & Optional Adventure Activities

  • ATV and Buggy Off-roading at Chocolate Hills
  • Zip Line & Sky Ride at Loboc Eco-Adventure Park
  • Whale Shark Encounter in Taug Lila, Bohol
  • Firefly Watching and Stand-up Paddling

Bohol Countryside Tour Package takes you to the heart of the island. Providing a scenic view of a lush tropical environment, a majestic river to cruise indulging yourself in a nature serenaded lunch buffet while a group of locals near the waterfalls are happily waiting to entertain you with cultural songs and folk dances which you are most welcome to take part. As you continue the journey further countryside, a man-made forest canopying a picturesque winding road surely would amaze you and even more so when you get to encounter one of its unique and alien-looking inhabitant the Tarsier. Reaching the furthest spot of the itinerary, An amazing conical shaped hills is a sight to behold.  

Perhaps sightseeing is not enough? A vast option of choices to pump-up your adrenaline are available. Make the foothills of the famous chocolate hills your playground with the ATV, pedal yourself on a bike zip across a cable suspended just high enough to give you a tingle of mixed emotions or if you are in need for speed, experience the rush of zip line.

Tour Duration:                                   8 Hours or more

Best Starting Time:                          8:00 - 10:00 am

Least Possible Starting Time:        11:00 - 11:30 am


Worlds Smallest Primate

These cute little primates in Bohol will humble you. Though they may only grow from 3 to 6 inches, amazingly they can live up to 24 years. Surprising right? But you'll be more amazed seeing them in the real world.

Loboc River Cruise

Clean Jade Green Loboc River

Cruise along a majestic jade river of Loboc " The music Town of Bohol". A serenade from the locals molded by the tradition and culture its town may entertain you  while having a relaxing lunch on board a floating restaurant. 

Man-Made Forest

Stunning Man-made Forest

Traverse on a picturesque road canopied by tall green mahogany trees, the only man-made forest in the Philippines. Make your shoots more exciting by doing the "buwis buhay shot" 

Chocolate Hills

Amazing Conical Shaped Hills

One of the worlds amazing nature wonders is in Bohol. The Chocolate Hills will surely not fail to amaze you with its mystery and unique landscape.


  • Pamilacan Island
  • Dolphin Watching
  • Whale Watching
  • Recreational Fishing Using Local Fishing Style & Eqpt.
  • Pamilican Marine Life Tour
  • Snorkeling at Pamilacan Coral Garden
  • Set Lunch at Pamilacan Island


  • Scuba Diving

Tour Duration:                 6-8 Hours
Best Starting Time:         6:00 AM

Pamilacan Island Tour & Fishing  takes you to the paradise Island of Pamilacan in Baclayon, Bohol. Pamilacan do not just offer you of  a sight to behold with its pristine blue waters and white sandy beaches but most importantly the island is an oasis of serenity with its austerity, diverse and vivid marine life, rejuvenating island breeze and filled with happy and friendly spirit of the locals. 

Immerse deeply into life and rediscover the little but meaningful joy by returning to the fine simplicity of our forefathers. Take time to once again evaluate and seize the opportunity to pass down the true value of patience to younger generations through fishing.

The rich waters of the tiny island of Pamilacan supports marine megafauna including whales, dolphins, sharks and manta rays thus its name Pamilacan perhaps means "resting place of the mantas" but it can also be considered to derive from the word "pamilac", or harpoon a fishing device that was historically used to capture the mantas, dolphins and whales.

Nowadays, some lucky tourists where able to see whale sharks and even blue whales. Our dedicated local guides and spotters knows the waters of Pamilacan Island like the back of their hands, perhaps you might witness those gentle giants too. 


  • ATV & Buggy Off-roading Guided Tour at Chocolate Hills
  • Ziplining at Loboc Eco Adventure Park
  • Whale Watching at Taug Lila
  • Loboc River Cruise and Lunch Buffet
  • Tarsier Conservation Area
  • The Chocolate Hills
  • The Man-made Forest

Optional Add-on Activities
  • Sky Ride at Loboc Eco Adventure Park
  • Baclayon Church

Bohol Countryside Adventure Tour Package will make you think again. Is your definition of travel only about sightseeing? If not, then the countryside adventure tour may serve you best as it is all also about experience.

Tour Duration:                                   8 - 10 Hours

Best Starting Time:                          7:00 - 8:00 AM

Least Possible Starting Time:        10:00 AM


Off Road Adventure Tour

Savor the amazing scenery of Bohol's Chocolate Hills and experience great fun in a guided ATV tour at its foothills . Enjoy the thrill on terrain challenges, muds, jumps, and a bit of speed. The ATV off road adventure surely is a must do recreational activity.


Feel The Rush

Break-out of your shell and broaden your horizon. Experience the rush while enjoying a bird's eye view of the majestic Loboc River and waterfall. 

River Cruise

Top Countryside Tour Itinerary

Lush tropical environment with cute and alien-looking inhabitant, serenaded and relaxing lunch buffet while cruising on a majestic river, amazing and mysterious landscape of the Chocolate Hills, culture and history 


  • Dolphin Watching
  • Balicasag or Pamilacan Island
  • Virgin Island 
  • Snorkeling at Balicasag or Pamilacan's Marine Sanctuary
  • Free Time for swimming at Virgin Island

Optional Add-on Adventure Activities
  • Scuba Diving at Balicasag Island
  • Turtle Sanctuary

Pamilan Sea Tour or Balicasag Island Hopping Tour Package is the best tour to pair with Bohol's Countryside Tour giving you a unique taste of Bohol from other beautiful islands in the country as the island province of Bohol stands proudly from providing a complete experience of lush green nature scenery, diverse wildlife sanctuary, history, colorful and warm welcoming tradition, friendly locals, exciting recreational activities and white sand beaches filled with amazing marine life.

Tour Duration:                                  5 - 7 Hours

Best Starting Time:                          6:00 - 7:00 am

Least Possible Starting Time:        8:00 - 10:00 am  

Dolphin Watching

Dolphins Wild and Free 


Diverse Marine Sanctuary

Virgin Island

Clear Waters and White Sand Bar


  • Bohol Bee Farm
  • Hinagdanan Cave
  • Panglao Watch Tower 
  • Panglao Church
  • Dauis Church | Cafe Lawis
  • Shell Museum

Optional Add-on Tour

  •  Antequera Mag-aso Falls
  •  Maribojoc Punta Cruz Watch Tower

  •  Abatan River Firefly Watching Tour

Panglao Land Tour Package - Explore wonderful cave easily, get a taste of a unique organic ice cream and indulge on a healthy dining experience while discovering a bit more of what the Island Province of Bohol may offer you. Give yourself enough time to shop for affordable souvenirs for yourself or to someone important to you.

Tour Duration:                                  5 - 7 Hours

Best Starting Time:                          8:00 - 10:00 AM

Least Possible Starting Time:        12:00 - 1:30 pm

Sea Foods

Feast on Delicious Sea Foods


Treat Yourself and Rejuvinate

Aqua Sports

Engage in Water Sports Activity


Gentle Giant | Whale Shark Encounter in Lila, Bohol  - Complete your adventure cravings with an encounter with the gentle giants easily and affordably. Swimming with Whale Sharks can now be experienced in Bohol. Add this activity from your Countryside tour or Panglao land tour or together let us tailor-make the best itinerary for you.

Tour Duration:                             

Best Starting Time:                         6:00 

Least Possible Starting Time:       10:00 am

Bohol Whale Sharks

Gentle Giant Encounter

Thrill and excitement are just some of the few experience you'll go through when you're surrounded with these gentle giants in Oslob, Cebu. Experience it yourself and you'll eventually find out how difficult would it be putting into words the experience you had with the whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu. We are more than happy to arrange everything for you to get the best experience.

Stand-up Paddling

Fun Filled Island Recreational Activities

Kayaking, pedal boating, trekking, or snorkeling in a sanctuary of diverse marine wildlife are just some of the few activities. Our favorite is just to simply relax, and unwind after a luscious island style lunch buffet on a sun lounger under a tree, savoring the translucent kiss of the sun, enjoying the breeze while serenaded with the most relaxing sound on Earth -waves rolling onto the shore. 

Panglao Island

Relaxing Sumilon Island Blue Water Resort

Relish a taste of Island Paradise in a day. Whether you indulge in an exciting island activity or treating yourself to a spa in rejuvenating the body and spirit, Sumilon will never fail to nurse you to serenity with its tranquil seas, breathtaking island view and lush tropical environment. Sumilon Island gives you the day's finishing touches with space and peace of mind;  from exciting whale shark encounter, to luscious island style lunch buffet and finally and island nursing you to serenity 

Get the most out of your Bohol escapade and experience an encounter with the gentle giants of Oslob. A direct inter island hopping from Panglao Island Bohol to Oslob Cebu and Sumilon Island will make your adventure needs easier. Best time to encounter these giants from Bohol is during summer time and we do not recommend this inter island trip from Bohol to Oslob Cebu during southwest moonsoon in the Philippines.  


  • Day Light Stand-Up River Paddling
  • Full Moon Stand-Up River Paddling
  • Firefly Watching on Stand-Up Paddle Boards
  • Firefly Watching on Kayak
  • Loboc River
  • Abatan River

SUP & Firefly Watching Tours - An environment friendly and magical experience awaiting for you to unfold. A great optional add-on tour and activity for you to discover and experience the magical wonders of Bohol either by day or night. 

Tour Duration: 1-2 Hours

Best Starting Time: 7:00 - 8:00 AM Day Light SUP ; 6:00 PM Full Moon or Firefly Watching Tour

Firefly Watching

Abatan or Loboc River Firefly Watching

Full Moon Paddling

Loboc River Full Moon River Paddling

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Daylight Paddling

Loboc River Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Fun and Exciting Bohol Tour Activities | Visit Bohol 2020

"Make the most of every moment celebrating living a full life. Create wonderful Bohol memories and experiences that may touch you in many ways and strengthens the bond of each relationships".

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ATV Ride in Chocolate Hills

Zip Line in Loboc Adventure park

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Bike Zip in Chocolate Hills


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